A Note from Sandy Newman —

I have made the agonizing decision to not reopen Newmans at 988 after 17 years of operation. As most are aware, my loving husband, friend, confidant, and business partner passed away in June 2022. John really was the heart and soul of Newmans. He was much more than a Chef. He was funny and even amid the hecticness of the restaurant business, he brought a lightness to the situation. We played football in the street, took walks to the beach to check the surf, and he had nicknames for most of the staff, although “Sparky” and “Rascal” referred to everyone.

When John and I first opened Newmans in February 2006, we wondered how it could have been Pulicci’s Restaurant for 20+ years. We were so grateful to reach the 1-year, 5-year and 10-year anniversaries. During that time, we saw other restaurants come and go but we were still standing. At 15 years, we could see 20 years coming. Our plan was to operate until December 31, 2025, and ride off into the Mexican sunset.

Unfortunately, that did not happen. I struggled with the operations of the restaurant while grieving my loss. I was not physically or emotionally present for my staff as they also grieved for John and what was Newmans. Cracks were beginning to enter what had always been a strong foundation. After 1 year, I attempted to reenter Newmans and my heart ached. I couldn’t do it. Our staff have always been a priority for us and watching them struggle too was difficult for me.

I want to thank Kendra Edwards and Josh G who came in with fresh legs, eyes and energy. They have decided to lease Newmans aka Little Yellow House. It will be very similar to what you have come to expect at Newmans – same menu, same staff, same décor. Please visit their website to see for yourself www.littleyellowhousecb.com.

To the local hotels and Cannon Beach businesses that supported us over the past 17 years through your recommendations, I thank you, particularly the Stephanie Inn where John first started in 1997. I’d also like to thank Patrick Nofield and his team at Escape Lodging Company who took me under their wing, taking over the accounting when I was physically unable and mentoring me on a personal level. A shout out must go to the chefs of Clatsop County. Your love for John and me was evident as you pulled together not just for his Celebration of Life but for regularly checking in on me, being my sounding board and stepping up to help me with EVERYTHING KITCHEN. Paul Nofield, Chris Holen, Geoff Gunn, Jonathan Hoffman, JJ Johnson, and Doug Niblack, thank you, you are amazing!

To our guests, whether regular diners or a one timer, THANK YOU! It has been a pleasure being a part of your special occasions. My word for 2024 is REFLECTION. As I reflect on the many memories we have created or been a part of for both staff and guests, I am humbled. It has been a joy serving the community of Cannon Beach and I know that Newmans will always have a soft spot in many hearts. John and I are forever grateful. Bon Appetite and Grazi!

John Newman, 1964-2022John Henry Newman

John Henry Newman, age 58, passed away suddenly in June 2022. John was born on June 19, 1964 in Glendora, California to his loving father and mother, Herald Gerald Newman and Sesame Smith.

John is survived by his cherished wife Sandy; his sisters Kelly and Mary Newman; his brothers, Matt Newman, (Shawn), Buddy Harry Gerald Newman III, and Will Moore; his sister-in-law Paula Mushrush (Russell); and extended family and friends throughout the U.S.

During his distinguished career, John achieved tremendous recognition for his culinary expertise. He graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in New York in 1990. Early on, he worked at the prestigious Silks Restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in San Francisco. In 1995, John became Executive Chef for the Stephanie Inn Dining Room in Cannon Beach. Over the years, Chef Newman cooked several times at the James Beard House in New York City. John was a 4-time champion at the Tillamook County Iron Chef Black Box competition. He was also a guest chef at the 2002 Capitol Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony. In 2006, in perhaps their crowning achievement, John and Sandy opened Newmans at 988, which has won many accolades and has become a landmark restaurant in the area.

John loved to teach and was a mentor to many aspiring culinary students. As the Culinary Instructor at Seaside High School, John’s students won the Oregon ProStart competition 2 years in a row sending them to Nationals. Together, he and his wife Sandy have mentored countless young people through cooking, surfing, and volunteering with a variety of organizations.

John was an avid surfer, and he rode waves with friends from Bali to Morro Bay to the East Coast, often accompanied by his dogs, most recently his beloved Remy who passed with John. He had an endless stoke and wanted everyone to experience the thrill of surfing. When we remember John, we can’t help but think of his smile. He welcomed everyone in the same way—the smile was always there.

John worked hard, was very serious about morality and had a code in life. He had a deep belief in God and His purpose. It is the loss of John’s unique spirit and caring heart that affects us so deeply, and which we will remember forever.

In lieu of flowers, a bereavement fund has been established at US Bank for Sandy, or donations may be made in John’s name to any of the following organizations: Seaside High School Scholarships (seasidescholarships.com), or Cannon Beach Christian Culinary Academy (christianchefs.org), which has a culinary scholarship in John’s name; or in Remy&squo;s name at your local animal shelter. A surf paddle out was held during the Surf Contest in Pacific City, September 17th & 18th, 2022.

A Memorial service was held on August 15, 2022 at North Coast Family Fellowship in Seaside, followed by a Celebration of Life at Haystack Gardens in Cannon Beach. John is laid to rest in Cayucos, California on the Central Coast with his Mother and where John and Sandy first met and started their epic love story.